Jeonju People's Table, Jeonju Alum

What did Jeonju people eat in the past? If there is a table setting that shows it, it is a white plate.

Baekban is a Korean dish served with white rice and soup and side dishes. Jeonju Baekban is famous for having many side dishes.

This means that the taste of Jeonju travel is a happy taste travel. Jeonju had a former Jeonjubuseong, and there was Gamyeong, where Jeonra Gamsa resided. The Gamyeong Site (formerly Jeonbuk Provincial Office) still has many small and large alum houses that have inherited the tradition.

Jeonju Baekban is a traditional food that Jeonju natives enjoyed eating around Sadaemun.

Professor Song Hwa-seop of Jeonju University said,'The authenticity of authentic Jeonju food can be found in Jeonju Baekban. The classification of Jeonju food is that if it is built inside and outside Eupseong, bean sprout soup is food outside of the castle, and alum is food from the castle that existed from the beginning.'

There are many restaurants famous for alum, mainly in areas where there are many salarymen. Among them, there are quite good alum houses near the (old) Jeonbuk Provincial Office and Jeonju City Hall and in front of Jeonju Deokjin Park. It is also called Jeonju family-style alum.

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