Jeonju-si village bus introduced

Village buses will be introduced in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do from next month. This is to guarantee the right to move for citizens living in the suburban areas.

Jeonju City announced on the 16th that the village bus “Baro-on” of 18 routes going to and from the outskirts of the city and areas that do not operate city buses will start operating on the 14th of next month.

The reason for the introduction of village buses was that the use of public transportation was blocked because the road network was narrow in the outer areas of Jochon-dong, Ua-dong, Dongseohak-dong, and Geumam-dong, making it virtually impossible to enter city buses.

Jeonju City decided to put 16 small and medium-sized town buses to the town hall or senior citizens' hall.

In addition to Yeoui and Jochon-dong (8 routes), such as Gojan, Shinyu River, Deok-dong, Honggae, Cheongbok, Yongsin, Shingi, and Oshin villages, there are two routes in the direction of Innovation and Manseong-dong. In addition, in the direction of Geumam, Inhu, and Ua-dong (3 routes) such as Sanjae, Geumha, Wonsanjeong village, Pyeonghwa-dong (1 route) such as Chudong, Hakjeon, Wondang-ri, and Dongseohak-dong (4 routes) such as Samgyeongsa, Godeok, and Naewondang villages. Etc.

The fee is 500 won for both adults, students and children. You can transfer the city bus up to two times for free, and you can use the city bus commuter pass.

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