Creative Musical "Sweet Consolation Choco Pie"

What may have been an obvious story may be the correct answer. In this age of snowballing loneliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are tired now, how about recharging your essential sugar at the concert hall?

It is a work depicting the entangled stories of our lives as we make and share food with various foods representing Jeonju as content.

In particular, he created a pleasant and moving story with Jeonju Choco Pie, which is already loved by the public for its sweet taste.

The background of the work is the mid 1980s. On the stage, there are many bakeries including Mano Bakery in Paldal-ro, Jeonju. Jeondong Cathedral can also be seen behind the shops.

Bakery boss Kim shows early symptoms of dementia. 25 years ago, when his son Man-oh was 10 years old, he suffered burns in a fire and went to death. He remains traumatized. Man-oh learns about President Kim's dementia and chooses to inherit the bakery his father has built since he was young. However, his father, President Kim, is afraid and displeased that Man-oh is obsessed with baking.

Man-O makes sweet chocolate pie for his father. However, with a moment's carelessness, the store almost burned down. President Kim, who was suffering from fire trauma, falls back to the situation 25 years ago. And he cries with tears in his love for his son. Man-oh's heart is also filled with compassion for his father. Returning to reality, President Kim deeply understands and comforts each other by singing a song of regret and love for his son.

Sori Culture Studio Shin went through the process of directly interviewing people from actual bakeries and soup restaurants to design this work, and completed the script through several encounters. The 13 songs that run through the work are all pure original songs, raising expectations whether they will be remembered as the number of the previous week.

CEO Park Shin said, “I was always thinking about how to put on the stage a good work that tells the story of our neighborhood, where our local artist can coexist with the locals, and it was a homework assignment. We hope to become a representative brand.”

Meanwhile, since its foundation in 2015, Sori Culture Center Shin has been loved by producing and announcing medium and large-scale musical works such as 'The Story of the Von Trapp Family', 'World Musical Festival', 'The Witch is My Friend', and 'Sleep Under the Moonlight'. .

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