Jeonju Mayor Kim Seung-soo, “Please be safe and get the vaccine”

Jeonju City Mayor Kim Seung-soo said he had prepared everything for a quick and safe vaccination one day ahead of the corona 19 vaccination, and asked citizens to get the vaccine with confidence.

Mayor Seung-soo Kim said in a non-face-to-face briefing on the 25th, “From 10 am on the 26th, a visiting vaccination team composed of doctors, nurses, and staff at a public health center in Jeonju, residents and workers under the age of 65 in high-risk nursing facilities and mental care and rehabilitation facilities. We will start vaccination against Corona 19.”

Mayor Kim said, “Skilled medical staff will safely and smoothly carry out vaccination. After vaccination, we thoroughly monitor adverse reactions and establish a rapid response system with fire departments and medical institutions in case of emergencies. I will do everything in my power.”

“The vaccination is aimed at completing the vaccination for all citizens over the age of 18 by November of this year,” he said. “Citizens, please follow the guidance of the call center operated by Jeonju to receive the vaccination safely when the vaccination time comes.”

Jeonju vaccination is carried out step by step. First, from the 26th to the next month, the 1st vaccination targeting a total of 14,000 people will be in progress. Vaccination targets are susceptible to group infections and are hospitalized, residents and workers under the age of 65 in nursing hospitals and nursing facilities, mental care and rehabilitation facilities with a high fatality rate when infected, workers in treatment hospitals for COVID-19 patients, workers in high-risk medical institutions, and the first response to Corona 19 Agents, etc.

Among them, visiting vaccinations for 23 nursing homes, mental care and rehabilitation facilities, and 671 people (178 residents, 493 workers) will begin on the 26th. 96.8% of residents and workers under the age of 65 agreed to vaccination.

A total of 26 in-visit vaccination teams, consisting of three doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel, will visit these facilities in person and receive a vaccination in the order of inpatients, medical personnel, and workers after sufficient preliminary examinations and information on contraindications.

In the case of nursing hospitals that are supplied with a separate vaccine, they receive their own vaccination from the beginning of the next month. Of the total subjects, 97.9% agreed to vaccination, and a total of 35 sites and 4085 persons (583 inpatients, 3502 workers) were the subjects.

8345 health care workers at high-risk medical institutions (hospital level) also receive vaccinations at the beginning of next month. In addition, more than 370 first responders to Corona 19, including 119 paramedics, quarantine, epidemiological investigations, and inspection personnel, will be vaccinated from the 22nd of next month to the end of next month. Among the staff at Chonbuk National University Hospital, 190 people who are engaged in the treatment of COVID-19 patients will also complete the vaccination by the end of next month.

The first vaccination is AstraZeneca vaccination, except for workers in the hospital treating COVID-19 patients (Pfizer Vaccine). After the 1st vaccination is over, the 2nd vaccination is scheduled to proceed around May, 8 weeks after the vaccination interval of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

AstraZeneca vaccine was supplied to Jeonju public health centers and nursing hospitals in turn.

Prior to this, the city held a meeting of the heads of the local community council for COVID-19 vaccinations on the 16th to establish a collaboration system for preliminary preparations without disruption. On the 23rd, a preliminary mock training was conducted at the Peace Health Center for quick and accurate response.

Mayor Kim's non-face-to-face briefing was broadcast live on the'Jeonju LIVE' YouTube channel.

Jeonju City Mayor Kim Seung-soo said, “We have established a thorough plan in all areas such as vaccination targets and vaccine supply and demand management, facility inspection, and vaccination promotion, and have been fully prepared through mock training and repeated inspections.” As it is the best way to overcome and an essential means to restore our daily lives, we ask for your active cooperation.”

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