Jeonju Story

It is a city that blossoms the traditional Korean culture of Jeonju, the home of Pansori, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Korean traditional culture such as Hanok, Korean food, and Korean paper, and abundance and relaxation, and contains style and taste.

Jeonju, the provincial office of Jeollabuk-do

In history, the name Jeonju was first used in the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok in Silla (757), and Wansanju has been renamed to Jeonju until now. Jeonju is a millennium city with 1253 years of history. Jeonju, the last capital of Baekje, founded by Gyeon-Hwon in 900, is the birthplace of the Joseon Dynasty, which bloomed 500 years of the Joseon Dynasty. During the Joseon Dynasty, it was the practical capital of Jeolla-do, which had jurisdiction over the entire region of Jeolla Province and even Jeju Island, and played a large role as an administrative center.

Considering that only 6 places in Korea historically were the capitals of the country, Jeonju can be seen as a perfect city that meets the requirements of a capital city. Jeonju is the home of Pansori designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and is a city that contains the most traditional Korean culture, such as Hanok, Korean food, and Korean paper, which are the basis of traditional lifestyle. Jeonju, with its blessed geographic conditions that connects the vast plains and the sea, was early recognized as a city of prosperity, and such abundance and relaxation will blossom traditional culture and imprint millennia as a place of delicate taste and taste. Could.

There were 4 main gates in Jeonju and Jeonju at the 1000-year-old altitude

In 1907, three of the four gates were demolished at the same time by the abolition of the Joseon Dynasty, and now only part of the Pungnammun remains, but there were certainly four gates in Jeonju.

The east gate is Wandongmun (ڦ), the south gate is Pungnammun (ڦ), the west gate is Paseomun (ڦ), and the north gate is Gongbukmun (ڦ). Currently, the East Gate is halfway between Bookstore Street and Dongbu Market (Dongmun Intersection), where a fortress wall was built with Gyeonggijeon inward, forming the south gate from the existing Pungnammun.

Jeonjuseong is the form of a fortress that connects again along the Nammun Market Road to raise a west gate in front of the current Daga-dong police box, and a fortress along the road in front of the cinema theater, raises a north gate next to the current Ogeori (north gate platform) and connects to the east gate.

The beauty of Jeonju

"The land with the flower heart of dreams that can never be thrown away even when the time passes!"

Myeong-hee Choi, the writer of'Honbul', talks about the urban symbol of Jeonju with'flower heart'. Flower heart contains a progressive and central meaning of'always meeting newness'.

The power that started the Joseon Dynasty anew is what Myeong-hee Choi sees as the essence of the flower heart. Pansori, the flower of modern Korean cultural history, has developed around Jeonju, and the development of pansori has brought various cultural developments.

As pansori became popular, woodblock prints for printing pansori editorials were made in Jeonju, and it is here in Jeonju that the tradition of traditional Korean paper has been passed down.

Jeonju, which has continued for a thousand years as a symbol of the city, is opening a thousand-year future with a thousand-year pride.

The taste of Jeonju

Food is an indispensable part of a trip. If you don't have the pleasure of eating, it is already difficult to find the pleasure of travel, so when you come to Jeonju, the representative city of food tourism, you will find plenty of food representing Korea.

The taste of Jeonju, representing Korea

'Jeonju bibimbap' and'bean sprouts soup', which is responsible for the filling of the liquors, and'Jeonju Hanjeongsik', which is tasteful and tasteful, can be said to be the highlight of Jeolla-do food.

Jeonju Baekban and Jeonju Makgeolli, which contain the life of Jeonju people, are Jeonju travel products that are differentiated from other regions, and they are also the best in price range.

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