Jeonju film studio visit story

Jeonju Film Studio is rated as the best place for filming as it has facilities such as J1 Studio and J2 Studio with a 17m high ceiling.

Jeonju Film Studio opened in April 2008 and is the first filming studio established by a local government.

Jeonju Film Studio, located in Sangnim-dong, Jeonju, has a J1 studio (2,067㎡) with one basement level and two floors above the ground on a site of about 56,800㎡, J2 Studio (1,311㎡) with two floors above the ground, and an outdoor set (48,242㎡). ㎡) and a two-story outdoor shooting center (411.22㎡), equipped with auxiliary facilities such as a set production room, a staff room, a dressing room, an art and accessories room, and a rest room.

In particular, J1 Studio and J2 Studio, which are differentiated from other local studios, have facilities such as a high ceiling of about 17m and are evaluated as the best locations for filming.

The Jeonju Film Studio, which opened in April 2008, is the first filming studio established by local governments. The outdoor set operated by a variable set is the first in the country, and since the filming of "Ssanghwajeom", which became a hot topic in 2008, has many works to date. Was filmed. [Source] Jeonju Film Studio·Through the Samcheon Masil Road and meet the old story.

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