Jeonju Makgeolli Alley that reminds of a friend

You don't need to worry about snacks, and you don't need time to take orders and do anything.

If you just shout "a jug of makgeolli", an abacus will open in front of your eyes, making your eyes happy, your mouth happy, and excitement. That's not all. If you order one more kettle after you finish eating a kettle of makgeolli, a new plate of secondary snacks will open again, and the third tea snacks are different.

Enjoy 100 times Jeonju Makgeolli

① Use public transportation such as taxis and buses. Let's eat full after worrying about drunk driving
② It is good when you are moderately hungry. If you want to enjoy the hearty snacks to your heart's content.
③ Let's enjoy the variety and evolution of snacks that change every time you empty the kettle. The generosity of the added snacks is also willing to change, so it comes from the main mother’s inshim, and the customer’s drinking.
④ Samcheon-dong is different, Seosin-dong is different, and Gyeongwon-dong Makgeolli-chon has different snacks. Jeonju Makgeolli Village by region, let's enjoy the speciality of each.
⑤ If you want to know the different taste of Jeonju, let's drink clear sake. Even the drinking expression becomes clear. Takju, clear sake~! It is fun to choose according to your taste buds. Innocent even if you mix and drink!

Jeonju, the land of mutual prosperity, "mainstream" and "non-mainstream"

Since the beginning of time, there was no mainstream and non-mainstream, so it deserves criticism in a democratic society to distinguish between the mainstream and the non-mainstream in drinking places! Even if Jeonju is named as a city of equality, peace and coexistence, there is no shortage. Bibimbap, the symbol of harmony, and Jeonju Makgeolli.

'Non-alcohol' is a place where only snacks are concentrated and'alcohol' is fascinated by the enchanting snack baptism, so you can feel free to empty your stomach for several pots. Jeonju Makgeolli is drunk even if you drink it, and you don't drink it.

When you drink Jeonju Makgeolli, Jeonju Makgeolli, you get drunk four times.

① Drunk in the excitement of drinking makgeolli,
② Get drunk with a fresh and different taste of alcohol,
③ Drunk on the snacks of a wholehearted human heart,
④ Take in low price and goodness.

Makgeolli is life and culture

Jeonju Makgeolli is counted as one of Korea's three major Makgeolli, and is a representative dish of'Matgoeul Jeonju' along with bibimbap, Korean set meal, and bean sprouts soup. Although makgeolli is alcoholic, it is not very drunken, and like food, it relieves hunger, boosts energy when you are weak, and relieves the core of your mind when you drink it.

So, makgeolli is a Korean'soul food' that is difficult to call simply alcohol, and it is a life of drinking memories with hometown. It is culture.

Well-being sake with Makgeolli

Makgeolli is a well-being food because it has a low alcohol content and rich nutrients. First, the protein content of makgeolli is higher than that of other alcoholic beverages. There are 10 essential amino acids and vitamin B complexes that are good for skin care.

In addition, a bottle of makgeolli contains 70 to 80 billion lactic acid bacteria, and is a natural fermented food rich in live yeast and dietary fiber. Because of this, makgeolli is said to be food rather than alcohol.

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