Jeonju World Cup Golf Course

Jeonju World Cup Golf Course, opened in May 2005, is a public facility reopened by the Jeonju City Facilities Management Corporation commissioned by Jeonju City in October 2009. The World Cup Golf Course is faithful to the goal of conserving deficits in the World Cup Stadium, which is suffering from operational difficulties, by realizing publicity to the maximum as a health protector for citizens, taking into account the characteristics of the local public corporation.

The maximum convenience is provided as a space for living and sports so that Jeonju residents can lead a healthy life through an appropriate fee for the operation of the golf course.In particular, a 10% discount rate is applied to Jeonju residents, so that the golf course is not a luxury, but for citizens. It opened a new horizon as a public sports arena. It functions as a comfortable and free rest area for all citizens, including office workers, housewives, and students, who are chased by busy daily routines to match the characteristics of a golf course in the city center.

In line with the globalization trend of Korean golf, local residents located in Jeonju are equally given the opportunity to pursue happiness in the green plains, and despite being inexpensive, every effort is made not to degrade the dignity of customers.

The golf course operation policy is to support the maximum use effect for the largest number of people at a low rate, and to achieve this goal, we are actively carrying out tasks such as friendly customer management, establishment of sound reservation order, and service improvement.

This is a public course consisting of 9 holes.

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