Heart-to-heart Jeonju Heart Card Issuance

Jeonju City and Jeonbuk Bank joined hands to increase the convenience of using prepaid cards to support vulnerable groups and small business owners who are struggling with the occurrence of Corona19.

On the 1st, Mayor Kim Seung-soo, Jeonju Mayor Kim Yong-taek, and Jeonbuk Bank Chairman Im Yong-taek signed a pre-paid card business alliance agreement to support Jeonju-type disaster basic income and small business support projects.

According to the agreement ceremony, the city and Jeonbuk Bank decided to cooperate with each other to provide a smoother issuance of prepaid cards and convenience of use to overcome the crisis caused by Corona19.

A prepaid card that can be used as cash without a separate passbook is a Jeonju Heart Card to support Jeonju-type disaster basic income and a small business (public fee) support card that is applied to small business owners. However, public transportation (postpaid transportation function), entertainment store golf course department store hypermarket use, purchase of precious metals, online payment, etc. are restricted.

The city has received applications for Jeonju-type disaster basic income and small business (public fee) support projects starting on the 27th and the last month, respectively.

The period of use of the prepaid card is until the 31st of July, and after the expiration date, the balance of the prepaid card is collectively attributed to Jeonju.

In addition, Jeonbuk Bank will also send a text message to prepaid card users, informing them of the card issuance, encouraging the use of the card to promote consumption, and informing the balance and expiration period.

When the use of these Jeonju Heart Cards and small business (public fee) support cards in earnest, Corona 19 helps stabilize the vulnerable groups and small business owners who are experiencing a severe decrease in income. It is expected to light the fire.

In this regard, the basic income for emergency-type stabilization due to corona19 is intended to cause the collapsed daily lives of citizens facing social emergencies. It is a business supported by cards. In the case of a small business (public fee) support project, a total of 600,000 won per month for a public fee, such as electricity for 1 to 3 months, is supported by a prepaid card. The total amount of support amounted to 3,973,300 million won, including Jeonju-type disaster basic income of 26.35 billion won and small business fee of 13.383 million won.

"I will actively participate in the support project for Jeonju city for citizens and small business owners in Jeonju, who are struggling with the economic crisis in Corona 19," said Im Yong-taek, the head of Jeonbuk Bank.

Jeonju Mayor Kim Seung-soo said, “The Jeonju City Heart Card contains the meaning of social solidarity that connects the hearts of the citizens. I emphasized that I would do it.

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