Koreas only historic site of Baekje Namgosanseong Fortress in Jeonju

If you want to take a special trip from Jeonju, why not visit Donggosan and Namgosanseong Fortresses to find the breath of dogs? Donggosanseong and Namgosanseong. Donggosanseong Fortress and Namgosanseong Fortress, which contain the story and breath of Gyeonhun, who dreamed of reviving Baekje, are not a complicated holiday destination, but a unique trip to explore from the history of Baekje to the history of the Joseon Dynasty. This is a tour course.

Donggosanseong Fortress (Jeollabuk-do Monument No. 44) where you can know Jeonju, the capital of Hubaekje.
There is the Gyeonwok Royal Palace site. On the hillside of Seungamsan, where Donggosanseong Fortress is located, the Dobaek site of the Baekje Temple was found. It is the largest of all ancient single buildings with 188 spaces.

In particular, the lotus-patterned male and female rock excavated at the time of excavation are written as Jeonju Castle, proving that this was the site of the Royal Palace.

In the center of the Gungneung royal palace site in Donggosanseong, the top of Seungamsan Mountain is the site of a mortal asset, and there is also a Donggosa Temple where you can see Jeonju at a glance.

Namgosanseong, a major picnic spot in Jeonju in the 70s and 80s, is an acid built along the foot of Godeoksan Mountain, and is said to have been built for the defense of Jeonju, the capital of Baekje.

The remaining castle walls were built to prevent Japanese troops during the Imjin War, and they were called Namgosan Fortress during the 13th year of the Joseon Dynasty (1813).

At present, there are Namgosa Temple, the temple of the Three Kingdoms, Gwanseong Mausoleum, and Namgojin Historic Site, which records the facilities and scale of the mountain.

In addition, there are three peaks at Namgosan, where Namgosanseong Fortress is located, including Cheongyeongdae, Mangyeongdae, and Eokkyungdae. You can find poetry.

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