Jeonju Omokdae, where Lee Seong-gye gave a night

A place where you can see the view of Hanok Village, located at the foot of Mt. When you go up about 70m across the viaduct, Lee Mok-dae is located at the foot of Mt.

Omokdae is a place where Lee Seong-gye conquered the herds of Ajibaldo, who was called by Unbong Huangsan, Namwon, and gave a night of fire at this place in Jeonju when they returned to Gaekyung by retrieving and improving. Here, it is said that Lee Seong-gye broke the great song of breasts that founded Han Dynasty. In other words, he expressed his ambition to establish his own new country.

In Omokdae and Imokdae, a monument engraved with Gojongs handwriting is erected, and a monument is erected. Emperor Gojong, who refused the fall of the Joseon Dynasty and tried to strengthen the reconstruction of the traditional dynasty, established a monument and a monument to the ancestor of the "Taejo Ancient Emperor Jupil" in 1900, representing the identity of the city of Jeonju.

The site where Taejo stayed, the Emperor who closed the door of the country with the king of Joseon, opened the door of the country. As the rice is cooked in the evening smoke, moss is sprouting so much that it is blue.

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