A place that connects people with nature, Korea Road Corporation Arboretum

The Jeonju Toll Gate is a toll gate with countless cars coming and going on the road, and with cars leaving and entering Jeonju. The Korea Highway Corporation Arboretum is located nearby. The Korea Highway Corporation Arboretum is the only arboretum operated by public corporations. It is a non-profit and is open to the public for free.

The Korea Road Corporation Arboretum is a space where nature and people can coexist, not just for people.
If you go there, you can feel once again that nature and humans live together.

Korea Expressway Corporation Arboretum, located at 462-45 Beonyeong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, is located near Jeonju Nadeulmok. Opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from November to March during the winter season, and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. from April to October during the summer. It can be a place of natural healing for modern people who are tired of daily life.

Divided into various themes and spaces, the road construction arboretum is composed of aquatic botanical garden, animal garden, rock garden, rose garden, children's botanical garden, fern botanical garden, wild grass garden, Mugunghwa garden, medicinal herb garden, bamboo garden, southern tree garden, glass greenhouse, etc. In addition to learning places for the fields, various plant species gathered for restoration of the damaged natural environment during the construction of highways are growing, and it serves as a research institute for the conservation, propagation, dissemination, and development of native plants.

In 1970, as idle areas occurred due to the construction of the Honam Expressway, the Nonsan branch office began operations in 1974 as'Jeonju Tombstone', and in 1995, the name was changed from Jeonju Tombstone to'Jeonju Arboretum'. After that, in 2007, the name has been changed once again to the current name,'Road Corporation Arboretum'.

In the rose garden, which is a hill of roses, 225 kinds of roses, including highway roses, white seaweed, and people's life, are planted, and flowers can be enjoyed until September. In the glass greenhouse and fern plant greenhouse, where green plants are always breathing, you can see 640 species of ferns, various kinds of orchids, aquatic plants, tropical/subtropical plants, succulents including cactus, and herb plants, so you can observe plants outdoors. It is a space where you can study plants even in this difficult winter. In particular, the glass greenhouse and the fern greenhouse are also growing plants that are not easily accessible, so you can feel a different view and atmosphere.

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