Jeonjucheon, an ecological river in the city

Jeonju Stream, which flows from the southeast of Jeonju to the northwest, is a regional first-class river with a basin area of ​​31.53㎢ and a length of 30km.

Jeonjucheon, which originates in Eulchi, Gwanchon-myeon, Imsil-gun, about 26km southeast of Jeonju, flows through the center of the city, is the first tributary of the Mangyeong River that merges with Samcheon in Seosin-dong Recommendation.

Jeonju stream transformed into first grade water

In the past, Jeonjucheon was a river of grade 4-5, where living things could hardly live due to concrete levees, parking lots, and various household sewage and wastewater. However, Jeonjucheon, which was restored as an ecological river in the city through a natural river development project in 1998, is currently flowing clean water of the first grade. And Seulgi Das live. In particular, it boasts a clean water quality and environment to the extent that natural monuments otters and mandarin ducks live in the upper stream of Jeonju Stream, and it is also a famous spot in Jeonju, where water silver grass that blooms in the Dunes of Jeonju Stream in late autumn are spectacular. This project in Jeonju was not only selected as an excellent case for natural river purification by the Ministry of Environment, but was also recognized as a model that successfully restored the ecosystem at the'Lecture Day' competition held in Japan in 2002 with 79 teams from Korea, China, and Japan participating. did.

Jeonjucheon has various stories along with the history of Jeonju. The stories of Girintowol, Hanbyeok Cheongyeon, Namgosejong, and Dasahu, which are the best among the eight scenic spots in Jeonju, flow along Jeonjucheon Stream. come.

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