Madang Nori 'A hunter chasing a dragon'

Jeonju Hanok Village Madangnori'A hunter chasing a dragon'

The hunter chasing the dragon is a humorous and pleasant courtyard game where hunters who want to catch dragons and become rich and chased by dragons, especially Jeonju's old folklore (Dalgubanga, Mandure), and Jeonju's intangible cultural properties (Jeonju jeonju) Intangible Cultural Property No. 63) and local folk tales are organized in a variety of elements such as puppet theater, nanta, pansori, pungmul nori, and musical, so the performance can be enjoyed by the whole family with children.

The Hanok Village Madangnori performance recognized by the audience

It is a performance recommended by local residents of Jeonju to tourists, and anyone of all ages and generations can enjoy it easily. It contains a variety of traditional and folklore features in a humorous way, reminding adults of the past memories of a rural village as a child, while children can see the old folklore that they had only seen in books vividly and cheerfully.

Selected works for various public offerings

Jeonju Hanok Village Madangnori'The Hunter Chasing the Dragon' was selected as a contest for revitalizing creative drama in 2015 (Traditional Performing Arts Promotion Foundation), premiered at the National Gugak Center in 2015, performed at the National Daegu Museum in 2016, performed at the National Namdo Gugak Center in 2017, 2017 It has performed a performance at the Jeonju National Museum in 2018, a performance at the Cheongju National Museum in 2018, and a permanent performance selected by the Korea Tourism Organization's Top 10 Tourism Contents Competition in 2019.

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