Jeonju International Film Festival

Alternative, the main film festival of independent films

The Jeonju International Film Festival, launched in 2000, has occupied a unique position in the topography of the International Film Festival. Jeonju's motto is to introduce the alternative flow of contemporary cinematic art, independence, and works that are at the forefront of art films. Jeonju's program focuses on allowing you to experience the artistic, technical and media evolution of films through the work of talented and innovative directors.

In order to overcome the bias of the film industry, which is struggling in one direction of “pursuit of profit through art,” Jeonju put the values ​​of “diversity of taste” and “new movie experience” to the fore. It supports the discovery of talents that can be the protagonists of future films, creative experimentation, and a spirit of independence, and provides an opportunity for filmmakers around the world to meet and solidarity.

The Jeonju International Film Festival is a non-competitive film festival that introduced partial competition, and has served as a window to introduce alternative and innovative films to Korea.

In addition, the film festival has established its identity as a sustainable productive film festival by presenting a role model for the production of new short films through'Digital Three Colors' and'Short!Short!Short!'.

“Digital Three-In-Three Colors” has been converted into a feature film production support project since 2014. In 2016, it was renamed the “Jeonju Cinema Project,” and it is solidifying its position as the “original brand” of the Jeonju International Film Festival, encompassing all areas of the film industry such as support, production, distribution, etc.

In addition, content distribution through the'Jeonju Project Market','Independent Film Copyright and Distribution' business to discover and support excellent domestic feature films and documentaries, and the operation of the'Jeonju Digital Independent Cinema' create constant and new added value beyond temporary festivals. It is the vision of Jeonju International Film Festival.

'Jeonju Project Market', a stepping stone for a healthy Korean film industry

Jeonju Project Market (JPM) is an industry program designed to actively discover and support novel feature films and documentary projects aimed at theatrical release, and to find out the possibility of domestic distribution of excellent Korean films and to play a role as a foothold for overseas expansion.

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